3-in-1 Beauty & Slimming Device



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This 3-in-1 Beauty & Slimming Device can help slim your face and body with its EMS function, and at the same time, promote better absorption of skincare products from its ultrasonic massage mode and red LED light treatment.

It can reduce cellulites, tighten skin, enhance skin texture, and help burn fats.

  • EMS Technology - Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) uses a slightly strong current that causes rhythmic contractions which can tone and improve muscle strength.
  • Red LED Light (Infrared Mode) - Red LED lights are known to have so many benefits such as anti-aging, promoting collagen, and improving circulation. The red LED light can also make your skin look more glowing and healthy, and makes your skincare products more effective.
  • Ultrasonic Massage - The ultrasound energy penetrates below the surface of the skin, warming the surrounding tissue, stimulating cellular renewal and repair, and combats puffiness. Sound vibrations can also help push nutrient-rich serums deeper into the skin which increases effectiveness of ingredients.


    Use the device 2-4 times a week in order to see the results. Use it consistently for 3 weeks. 

    Ultrasonic Massage Mode: 

    1. Wash your face thoroughly.
    2. For the face, apply skincare products including moisturizer. For the body, apply a generous amount of conductive gel.
    3. Turn on power, then press SONIC button once for low intensity (perfect for face and jaw), press it twice for high intensity (for parts of the body).
    4. Massage the device on your skin (refer to the manual included to properly massage the device on your skin).

    EMS Electrode Pads:

    1. Connect electrode pads to the device.
    2. Place electrode pads on the points to be treated (refer to the manual included on how to properly use the electrode pads on special points).
    3. Turn on EMS mode then adjust the strength and massage mode and use it for 15-30 minutes depending on how long you prefer.
    • Tapping mode: used for belly & hip tightening
    • Massage mode: used for enhancing waist curve
    • Kneading mode: helps firm the middle part of the belly
    • Scrapping mode: used for back and lower belly
    • Slimming function: helps with weight reduction

    Red LED Light:

    1. Apply skincare products on your face.
    2. Turn on infrared button.
    3. Massage the device on your face for 15-30 minutes depending on how long you prefer.

    EMS Mode + Red LED Light, then Red LED Light + Ultrasonic Massage:

    1. Wash your face thoroughly.
    2. Stick the electrode pads on points that you want to tone for EMS mode.
    3. Turn on EMS mode, then adjust the strength and massage mode. Use the device for 15-30 minutes.
    4. Apply conductive gel on areas you want to treat for ultrasonic mode.
    5. Turn on red LED light and ultrasonic mode and massage it on your skin for 15-20 minutes depending on how long you prefer.
    Package Inclusions:
    4x Electrode Pads
    100ml Conductive Gel
    Electrode Pads Connector
    *This product includes a warranty card from Skinologist valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.