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Korean Glass Skin Set

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This bundle contains Supple Preparation Facial Toner & Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop from Dear, Klairs and an Amethyst Facial Roller from Made Beauty.

Supple Preparation Facial Toner balances the skin’s pH level and improves the effectiveness of your entire skincare regime, helping you achieve your best skin. It enhances the effectiveness of serums and creams by balancing your skin’s natural pH levels to create the perfect canvas for your skincare products. It contains some key ingredients such as Phyto-Oligo to help thoroughly moisturize the skin and resolve skin dryness, and wheat amino acids to help reduce inflammation in the skin. Made with various plant extracts and soothing ingredients blended together, resulting to a calming, non-irritating, hydrating toner for all skin types.

Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop is designed with naturally effective ingredients that are safe and non-irritating. It energizes and rejuvenates your skin with the power of pure Vitamin C! Containing key ingredients directly from nature and concentrated pure Vitamin C, this innovative multi-solution, non-irritating formula revitalizes, maintains, and transforms your skin! No need to stress over dull skin tone and enlarged pores anymore. It contains Vitamin C at a concentration of 5% — gentle enough for those with sensitive skin to use without irritation but strong enough to even out skin tone, tighten pores, brighten skin, and fade pigmentation.

Amethyst Facial Roller is believed to relieve stress and cleanse negative energies. An ancient crystal tool that promotes lymphatic drainage, decreases puffiness of the face, relieves facial and jaw tension, boosts blood circulation to encourage glowing skin, and helps absorb serums and oils. It gives your skin the facial massage it needs at the comfort of your own home. An extremely powerful crystal that stimulates the immune system and brings the body back into balance. It is used to help heal physical ailments and the nervous system, provide hormonal balance, help with insomnia and stress, calm inflammation, and bring a sense of serenity. It is known as the stone of spirituality.


Supple Preparation Facial Toner:  After cleansing, apply the toner to clean skin. Pat with palms for complete absorption. Multiple application is recommended for dry areas.

Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop: After cleansing, apply about half a drop to the entire face and gently massage it into the skin. For those with sensitive skin, use after toner and apply 3-4 drops. For those with extra sensitive skin, mix a few drops into serum or lotion and apply to face. Highly recommended to follow up with sunscreen when using during the day. Avoid exfoliators (AHA, BHA, etc) in the same skincare routine when using the Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop. 

Amethyst Facial Roller: Use the smaller end of the roller for more delicate areas and hard to reach places. Use the larger end of the roller for broad surfaces. To maximize the benefits of skin tightening and reduce puffiness, store the roller in the refrigerator overnight for a cooling effect.

Product Sizes:
Supple Preparation Facial Toner: 6.08 oz / 180 ml
Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop: 1.18 oz / 35 ml