Hermosa Beauty

Luscious Bath Set



This bundle contains Cure Pimple Soap, Detox Argan & Clay Soap, Dream Brightening Soap, Love Moisturizing Soap, and Papaya Milkshake Beauty Soap from Phina's Little Factory.

Cure Pimple Soap is a powerhouse of wonderful effective ingredients such as salicylic acid, mulberry extract, neem oil and lemon oil. This natural pimple soap contains 2% salicylic acid which helps correct abnormal shedding of cells and unclog pores to resolve and prevent lesions. This soap is part of the healing series of soaps that is especially formulated to help prevent pimples. The mulberry extract works as a skin lightener that targets the melasma and reduce tyrosinase activity and is also known to have anti-aging properties. The special medicinal neem oil has skin-curing properties. Lastly, lemon oil is used for its antiseptic properties and for its refreshing scent. Cure Soap is an excellent soap to combat acne and for those who want a light peeling to enhance whitening effect, that inhibits melanin release by suppressing the tyrosinase enzyme.

Detox Argan & Clay Soap cleanses deeply. It does not dry the skin, making it perfectly effective on skin that tends to be dry as well. Clay is a detoxifying agent that works like a magnet by pulling impurities out of the skin's pores and help soften and smoothen skin. A generous amount of Argan oil is added. It is known as the "liquid oil" touted as having the power to cure all beauty problems, including acne. It has the power to control production of sebum thereby minimizing pimples. This soap is a great all-purpose bar designed for normal to oily skin.

Dream Brightening Soap is a double dose of 3 whitening all-natural acids derived from plants: Kojic, Glycolic, Azelaic. Kojic is used to lighten skin and fade pigmentation. Glycolic unclogs pores and facilitates skin renewal. Azelaic treats acne and improves skin elasticity. This soap works great to brighten dull and acne-prone skin. 

Love Moisturizing Soap is rich in natural ingredients like olive oil and chamomile extract. Olive oil is used as a hypoallergenic way to moisturize the skin to keep it healthy and nourished. Chamomile is anti-bacterial and has anti-inflammatory properties that will calm dry and itchy skin.

Papaya Milkshake Beauty Soap is made with a wonderful combination of papaya extract and whole milk to dramatically improve the texture and tone of the skin without drying or causing itchiness. The secret, after all, to white skin is hastening skin renewal through exfoliation. Whole milk contains fat proteins that moisturize and nourish the skin, heal wounds, and shrink pores. Papaya enzymes promote healthy and vibrant skin by exfoliation.

Product Sizes:
Cure Pimple Soap: 90 g
Detox Argan & Clay Soap: 90 g
Dream Brightening Soap: 90 g
Love Moisturizing Soap: 90 g
Papaya Milkshake Beauty Soap: 90 g