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This bundle contains WellGel from KARMA, Boost Sweet Boost Immunity Support Supplement from HUM Nutrition, and a Tea Blend from Teami.

WellGel provides a powerful pain relief when directly applied to the skin - no need to take oral pills! Great for muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis, sprains, strains, bruises, headache, backache, and migraine.

Boost Sweet Boost is formulated with immunity-boosting ingredients like high potency vitamin C, zinc and elderberry to help strengthen your natural defenses.

Refresh Tea Blend is an herbal infusion of mint tea, rose buds and dried fruit to create the perfect balance of sweetness and mint - giving you summer vibes all year long! The dried fruit brings light sweetness to the tea, unlike the overpowering sugar in soda or artificially sweetened juices. This mint-based tea will make you feel like you’re lounging on a Caribbean island, so keep it with you for every time you need a break! It is formulated with mint tea: soothes, relaxes and has been known to improve energy; Rose Buds: noted to alleviate stressors and support immune health; Dried Mango: used to give this blend it's brilliant, tropical sweetness.

Skinny Tea Blend is an amazing blend created to provide natural energy throughout the day without leaving you feeling jumpy or jittery. Made with 100% all-natural ingredients, this Skinny Tea Blend can replace your morning cup of coffee and sustain the energy you need to take on the day! It is formulated with Yerba Mate: a clean plant-based caffeine, Oolong Tea: a front runner to benefit metabolism rates, and Jiaogulan: a super herb that acts as an adaptogen to balance your body from outside stressors. 

Profit Tea Blend is a light, rejuvenating blend of super plants that you can drink on a daily basis. It is made with the highest quality of all-natural loose-leaf tea available, stemming all the way from East Africa, India, China and the Middle East. This blend is lightly caffeinated and perfect for replacing a cup of coffee in the morning, or to sip on throughout the day. This tea is adored by many because of its lightly sweet aftertaste from goji berries and red dates. It is a great drink to boost your immune system from the inside out. It is formulated with Peppermint Leaf: known for its amazing benefits and immune-boosting properties, Goji Berry: provides great taste and notable benefits, and Roselle: a special species of hibiscus flower that is known as a protective botanical.


WellGel: Apply on problem areas. WellGel works great even without a massage but can also be used as a massage rub.

Boost Sweet Boost: Take 2 gummies at any time with or without food.

Tea Blend: Place 1 teaspoon of the blend in a mug and add hot water. Allow 3-5 minutes to flavor. The tea is already delicious, but you can always add honey, nectar or lemon as a natural sweetener if needed!

Product Sizes:
WellGel: 50 g
Boost Sweet Boost: 60 vegan berry gummies for 30 days
Refresh Tea Blend: 150 g / 30+ servings
Skinny Tea Blend: 65 g / 30+ servings
Profit Tea Blend: 65 g / 30+ servings

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